How To Apply Makeup Like Professional Makeup Artist-A Beginners Guide

How To Apply Makeup Like Professional Makeup Artist

Applying a basic natural makeup look doesn’t require a lot of hard skills. However, for beginners, it could be a hard and uneasy task on how to apply makeup in so many ways.

Yes, makeup is a magical thing and we all love to wear glossy makeup before we step out. Yet some of us don’t know where to start from and end it. Not to worry beginners! It can be done just under 5 minutes using a minimal amount of makeup products.

This tutorial is especially helpful for people who don’t have time in the morning for makeup because of a busy schedule. This everyday makeup perfectly works for a college student or an office goer!

So, my dear girls! below are your best makeup tutorial that is easy to follow –


1. Start With A Clean Face

Firstly, always keep in mind that you start your makeup with a clean face.How To Apply Makeup Like Professional step by step

Before you go ahead and apply makeup, be sure to wash your face with water or clean up with a toner or cleansing water of your choice. Be careful about it!


2. Apply A Moisturizer

Now go ahead and apply your favorite day cream according to your skin type. Do not ever skip the face moisturizer before you apply makeup. The moisturizer will keep the makeup you wear last long and also keep your face super hydrated. Do not skip these step girls!

You’ll be amazed to use the Mamaearth SPF 20. This day cream gives you 2 in 1 benefit, you don’t have to go for extra sunscreen because this day cream from Mamaearth already has SPF 20 on it.


3. Apply A Primer

The next one is the primer that you should apply on your face before you go for any further, to apply makeup. The one from Colorbar New Perfect match primer, you would love using this product.

Many girls skip the primer while doing makeup. You should not miss putting primer on your face because primer keeps the makeup last long for a day. The open pores from your face get minimize by applying the primer and the makeup sticks smoothly on the face.

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4. Apply A Light Foundation

The next one is applying a light foundation. I’m sure you’ll love using and will be amazed by the long-lasting fresh Maybelline Newyork BB Cream.

Apply it all over your face and neck, blend it well with the help of your brush or your finger. For beginners, I would recommend using a sponge because sponge makes much easier to apply the foundation on your face.

Furthermore, the coverage of the foundation will turn smooth more with the sponge. If you don’t like the Maybelline Newyork BB Cream choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.


5. Apply A Concealer Under The Eye

For the next step, go ahead with the concealer.How To Apply Makeup Like Professional step by step

Make a line of small dots under your eye and eyelids with the help of a pointed brush, especially apply the concealer on the dark circles if you have one.

Blend the concealer immediately with the help of a sponge because most of the concealer dries up too quickly. For some of the beginners, it can somehow become uneasy to blend it quickly. To achieve the best results, one must keep trying.

I highly recommend using the Colorbar flawless full cover concealer, you’ll love using this product.


6. Apply Compact Powder

The very next is the compact powder. Apply it all over your face and also the neck with the help of the sponge.

The compact I suggest is Maybelline New York White Super Fresh, this compact will work amazingly on your face. The compact powder is suitable for every day purposes because it absorbs oil and sweat and gives you a fresh look all through the day.

If you’re using a powder brush, take off the excess powder from the brush before applying it to your face. Apply it in a circular motion, this will help the makeup look clean and smooth.


7. Make Your Eyebrows On Fleek!

Be careful while you make your eyebrows. Make sure to apply your eyebrow pencil on top of your natural eyebrows only. You must go for the Maybelline Brow Duo shaper which comes in black/brown shades.

It will give you an instant natural look on your eyebrows. The eyebrow shaper has 2 sides, one side works as an eyebrow pencil and the other as eyebrows powder. It does the job perfectly.


8. Apply Your Eyeshadow On

For beginners! You must first try on a single natural shade that suits you since you’re going with an eye shadow for the first time.

eye brow image

Choose a tiny rounded brush or use your fingertips and make a short swipe around your eyelid to give it a smooth shade. Proceed with a bit of thin dusting powder over the eyeshadows once you’re done.

Go with the Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette Eyeshadow, this eyeshadow gives you all the shades that you need, starting from the shimmery shades to different natural shades.


9. Apply Blush To Your Cheeks

Blushes are used for adding more glow on your apple cheeks.blush image

Try using a fluffy brush because it will make much easier to blend on your skin. Dab on the blush and blend slowly upwards on your cheeks. I know you will learn it quickly!

For the blush, you must go for the amazing product from Maybelline, called Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Blush Palette, you are going to love this product. This blush has the light pinkish shade available on the palette.

Similarly, proceed with a bit of powder on the edges of the cheeks to finished the complete look.


10. Apply Lipstick Or Lip gloss

Last but not least, to give yourself a complete makeup look, make sure you choose the right lipstick or gloss shade that matches your skin tone.How To Apply Makeup Like Pro for dark skin

If your lips are dry and chapped, prepare them before you apply lipstick or lipgloss to it. You can firstly apply lip balm on your lips followed by applying the lipstick of different shade of your choice.

Get a suitable product for yourself, in my opinion, I would like to recommend you to go for Lakme 9 to 5 Primer with Matte Lip Color, it has many beautiful shades. You can rightfully pick a shade that suits your skin tone! Beautiful Girls out there! Your lips are the best way to add a more glowing look on your face.


The Bottom Line

So, what to wait for girls! The makeup product I mentioned here is real and basic. However, you can go for any of your favorite choices. Enjoy this process to achieve the elegant makeup look! and I know you will surely learn how to apply makeup very quickly.

In conclusion, I hope you guys got some useful tips from this blog. Feel free to share with your fellow friends.