How To Sleep Fast At Night- Apply These 7 Helpful Tips

how to sleep fast

How to get sleep faster seems to be a weird question as to many people, well sleeping is a natural thing. However, a large number of people in this world are searching for the answer, of the “seems to be weird” problem.

There are many nights when we lie down on the bed for more than two hours still we find ourselves stay awake and have no real way to get the chance to sleep. Many people choose to stay on the bed and wait for the daylight. Sleepless or insomnia is a big problem and there is no definite remedy for this issue.

However, I’m going to demonstrate to you the best techniques which have been utilized to help me as well as a lot of other people get to sleep easier and faster.


Easy & Affective Tips To Sleep Faster And Easier


1. Avoid Drinking Tea Or Coffee Before Bed

We all know that tea and coffee have many health benefits but drinking tea or coffee before going to bed is not a great idea.

100 grams of coffee contains 40 mg caffeine which has a disruptive effect on our sleep.  Caffeine from coffee can reduce our total sleep time and also deep sleep that we enjoy. Studies have found that consuming caffeine 6 hours before bedtime reduced total sleep time by 1 hour.

The effect of caffeine can be stronger in older adults because it takes their bodies a long time to process caffeine. Furthermore, the consumption of high doses of caffeine can likewise cause complications during pregnancy.

Needless to explain, tea and coffee are stimulants that keep our minds awake. Even drinking a little amount can make us have a sleepless night. Therefore avoiding coffee or tea before sleep is a great job you can do.

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2. Free Your Mind Before Going To Bed

Life is loaded with issues and problems to worry about. If you are a student, you have exams to worry about. If you are a businessman, there is profit and expense matter to take care of.

However, when you go to bed, the best thing is to keep your mind fresh, away from such matters. Thinking about problems and issues before bedtime will not help you solve the matter.  Instead, it will make you even harder to get sleep.

It could be difficult to get rid of all the worries even when you want to forget everything. In this case, listening to some calm music could be a great help. The most effective music to help you forget about problems and help you sleep faster is slow and calm music, Chillout and ambient, classical or meditation music.

I usually turn the music player on and play very peaceful classical music, far from kids. Besides, some people like to listen to music with earphone but the open speaker is also preferable.


3. Wake Up When You Can’t Sleep

Many people remain on the bed even when they can’t sleep. They wish, in one way or another the drowsiness will come while they are lying and they can get the chance to sleep without noticing.

I recommend you not to do so. From my experience, when I can’t sleep, I simply wake up, walk around a little and pick up a book and start reading.girl sleeping and reading image

After around 20 minutes of reading, your eyes will feel tired and you will find it easy to lie down and sleep quickly. Avoid using a cell phone during this time. The smartphone will cause you awake all night, which may lead to depression, smartphones are more likely to affect adults.


4. Avoid Naps During The Day

Short and small naps after lunch can be helpful for many people to have great work in the afternoon.

However, taking a long nap during the day will make it difficult and adversely affect the length and quality of your nighttime sleep, especially when you have trouble sleeping at night.

With that said, you should only take one short nap during the day (avoid if possible) and don’t sleep close to bedtime even when you want to sleep very much. Sleeping close to bedtime has more chances to spoil your nighttime sleep.


5. Have A Specific Sleeping Routine

Our bodies love to follow habits. Creating a regular sleeping habit can be essential for us to fight sleepless nights and difficulty from falling asleep.

Try to stick to a strict sleep schedule, it is recommended for you to set up a specific time to go to bed and specific time to wake up. Apply this routine every day, even at the weekends.

You may not see any improvement in your sleep quality in an initial couple of days. When your biological clock gets used to the daily routine, you will find it a lot easier to get to sleep.


6. Eat A Small Dinner

Eating a small dinner brings a lot of benefits including a good impact on your sleep. As you might know, when the night comes, all parts of the body are signaled to slow down and switch to resting-mode.

If you eat a big dinner, the digestive system needs to stay awake to digest a large amount of food you take in, which will make it hard for you to get asleep.

However, going to sleep with an empty stomach is also not recommended. Not many people can sleep with an empty stomach. All things considered, it’s a smart idea to have a snack or a cup of milk before going to bed.

Snack and milk are easy to digest and they will keep you away from feeling hungry.


7. Meet Your Doctor

When you find yourself hard to get to sleep and you suffer from sleeplessness from a long period of days, it’s best to meet your doctor and get his/her advice.

The specialist may give you some medicine, for example, melatonin sleep aid to help you get to sleep easier. He/she will also give you a full diagnostic to find out further problems and recommend the best solution for your problem.

Now and then, insomnia is not a sole problem however it can be the symptom of other increasingly serious problems. Having an appointment with your doctor is always the best option.


The Bottom Line

Presently you have some good tips and techniques to get to sleep easier. Don’t expect the result to come overnight.

You should give these strategies possibly a week or two to see the improvement in the quality of your sleep. If you don’t see any improvement, meeting your doctor is the next step you need to do.

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