What Is The Importance Of Good Health?

Importance Of Good Health

Have you ever thought about the Importance of Good health in your life? Good health is greatly based on your good diet. It is key to the lock of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and your healthy diet plan can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of multiple diseases like heart disease and cancer and promote your overall health. Life has become very simple and easy to live, unlike in the past where our forefathers had to go out in search of money to take care of their families.

The development of vehicles, engines, bikes, mobile phones, PCs, etc. in the world has made the transportation procedure of people extraordinarily simple which has additionally realized such a significant number of health complications and the presentation of many health diseases into the human body.

The necessary basis for a person living a healthy life begins from the womb of the mother where all necessary nutrients were obtained from. It is, therefore, very important what a pregnant mother takes in during the time of her pregnancy.cute girl smiling photo

Like every human being, YOU need to make sure you are in good health because every successful and happy person is nothing without good health.

No amount of money in this world can buy you a healthy life so it is better you endeavor to live your life in a very healthy way.



A healthy lifestyle is one that helps to keep and improve people’s health. Healthy living is a lifelong effect.good health tips image

The ways of being healthy includes:

  • Healthy eating.
  • Physical activities.
  • Weight management.
  • Stress management.

If you think about a healthy lifestyle and good health.

What could be more exciting than getting up every morning feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep, then feeling fit and finally to go! Looking next to getting out in the world, whatever you do either head for work, exercise, head for the nearest cafe.

Whatever, yet simply feeling great about what you are doing while you are doing it and living in the Now. Lunch, the same enjoyable outlook while you eat. And in the evening the same great feeling of health and fitness.

That’s why we need to buy organically grown foods and take supplements that work on our bodies. We can all have a healthy lifestyle. All the important needful products are easily available now. We also need to promote sustainable agriculture as one of our countries and the world’s highest priorities. We need undeveloped methods that renew the earth and not reduce them.

Get yourself involve in buying organic foods and support the movement toward sustainable farming methods.



When your whole body is free from all kinds of diseases and infections then I believe you can say you have good health.

Whenever we visit our friends or family members in the hospital, we realize how bad health has led some people into so much pain and mostly death.The Importance Of Good Health

Having good health is very important if you want to live a life free of all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

Some people think having good health is all about the amount of money you have, the richness of the food you eat and the best clothes and shoes you wear, but it is a big mistake!

Research has shown that; the number of people that die of health issues is mostly wealthy people. Having all the money in this world does not mean you will live forever if you do not live a healthy lifestyle.



What we eat is a very important part of how our body fairs.

This is because, over the years there has been a rapid increase in foods that are stored in cans, rubbers, and other chemical containers for consumers to purchase. The unfortunate thing about this is that most consumers eat directly from those cans and rubbers which causes so many health hazards to them.

Some points to maintain good health are:

  • Eat healthy food because what you eat is firmly connected to your health.
  • Get normal exercise to help yourself prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon disease, etc.
  • Get more fit in case you are overweight.
  • Ensure to have healthy skin.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • Try not to smoke or use tobacco.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol.

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  • Drink warm or normal water throughout the day. You should take a small amount of water every hour or half an hour.
  • Take exercise daily to stay fit and healthy. But do not overexert yourself, it is important to have relaxing exercise.
  • Your body will be rejuvenated with the oil massage. Get daily oil massage, If this is not possible then take on your holidays. This has a calm effect on your health.
  • Massages are important for the body, skin, and mind as many harmful chemicals are released from our bodies after this.

massage images

  • Take a simple and relaxed meal every day for good health.
  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • Do not read or watch TV while eating. simply sit calmly and in a relaxing posture while eating your food.
  • Take a healthy breakfast daily and avoid heavy food at night.
  • Eat fresh fruits or juice.
  • Cleanse your body at every season change. Change your diet plan and use a light diet during this period.
  • Drinking hot water is recommended because this increases the digestive power.
  • One must go for healthy sleep. If you are unable to take a good sleep then health recommends you to take a warm water bath, body massage with oil, light food in the evening, listening to very light and calming music.
  • Must go to bed before 11.30 PM.

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You can protect and keep yourself healthy by following these simple healthy tips.how to keep myself healthy

In the Morning

  • Wake up with the sun to stay fit.
  • Brush your teeth and massage your teeth and gums with sesame oil.
  • After this drink a glass of warm water.
  • Empty your bladder and bowels to release toxins and waste from the body.
  • Massage body with warm oil (pitta: coconut, Vata: sesame, Kapha: almond).
  • After 30 mints take a bath. Do yoga and meditation and eat your healthy breakfast.

For Mid-Day

  • Take your lunch between 12 to 1 PM.
  • Make yourself calm and sit in a relaxing posture while eating your food.
  • Sit quietly for at least 5 mints after lunch.
  • After this take about 200 steps of a brisk walk. This will help in easy digestion of food.

For Evening

  • Meditate before the sunsets.
  • Go to the gym or for a walk to stay fit and healthy.
  • Take your dinner between 6-7 PM.

For Night

  • Try to avoid watching TV late at night and avoid any kind of mental stress like fight or action during this time.
  • Keep your phone away from bed while sleeping.
  • This will help you avoid late-night social texts and harmful radiations from your phone.
  • Go to bed early at night. Your sleeping time and the last meal must have a difference of at least 3 hours.



We all know that good health and a healthy lifestyle are important. Not only does being healthy and fit make us look good and feel better.

It helps us to fight off disease, do the things we need and want to do, and simply enjoy life to the fullest. Perhaps, that is why so many people are rededicating themselves to losing weight, getting more fit and living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are just a few of the benefits of maintaining the proper weight and staying in good health can offer:

1. While there are many benefits to maintaining your health and weight, the best benefit of all is that you will look forward to each day with increased optimism and vigor. You will have fewer health problems and instead of having to age gracefully, you will feel younger and healthier and more robust longer, which means that you will enjoy your life even more.

2. Good health gives you a more cheerful outlook on life. When people are not eating proper meals, they not only feel tired but, there is also a tendency to feel depressed.  You should not only get the foods that your brain needs to keep your mood elevated but, often when people are overweight they feel bad about the way they look. When we feel we look good, then we feel good about ourselves and life in general. The better you feel about yourself the more willing you are to get out and do things that help your overall health and feelings of well-being.benefit of good health

3. Maintaining the proper weight gives you more energy. The more weight you have to carry around, the more stress you feel on your heart, lungs, and bones. Just as carrying heavy packages around all day makes you feel tired, so does carrying that extra weight on your body put stress on your organs. When you maintain the proper weight, you put less strain on all your vital organs and your bones as well. You have more energy and feel less tired simply because you are carrying a lighter load.

4. Eating a healthy diet is strengthening our immune system. That’s right when you are overweight it is usually because you are eating too much and eating too much of the wrong types of foods.The Importance Of Good Health

When you eat the wrong types of foods you are not eating sufficient amounts of the right kind of foods that your body and your immune system need to work at top capacity. By changing your diet and eating those foods that help you to improve the overall health you are giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain a healthy immune system. This, in turn, allows the immune system to help you stay healthier and more fit.

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5. Health is an ongoing process. The healthier you are today, the healthier you will be when you start to age. Preventing excess stress on your organs and body while you are young by maintaining healthy eating habits and proper weight will help to ensure that your organs remain healthy as you age.

6. The decisions you make about your health today will have a lasting effect on your health throughout your life. Now is the time to seriously consider improving your health by eating right, getting the necessary exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing or maintaining your weight. While no one promises that doing these things will be easy, in the long run, you will look better, feel better and be able to accomplish more of the goals you have set for yourself.

You will find yourself not only have more energy to do the things you want to do but, you will also discover that you have a better outlook on life in general.



While reaching and maintaining your health is important to you now, it will become even more important to you as you get older. While it is essential to get healthy and fit now, it is equally important for you to set long term goals that will help you to maintain your health as you age.The Importance Of Good Health

Here are a few tips that might help you to set those long-range goals to stay healthy in your golden years.

1. Remember that as you grow older your metabolism changes as well. This means that you’re eating habits should change for you to maintain your weight. By keeping a tab on your weight every week you can note any weight gain before it gets out of hand.

2. Makes changes to your diet to help prevent future weight gain. By eating foods that are healthy for your good health, now you can not only control your weight but it will also make it easier for you to enjoy those healthy foods as you get older. The older you get the more vitamins and minerals you will need to keep yourself healthy. So, getting in the habit of eating the right foods now at present, will make it easier to get the right amount of those foods later.

3. Exercise is important to maintaining good health at your present stage, it is equally important when you get older. By including mild exercise as part of your exercise regime now, you will be able to maintain some level of exercise as you get older. For example, walking is a form of exercise that people of any age can do. Bear in mind that as your activity level decreases your calorie intake must decrease as well.



Our daily lives have become very unhealthy, and we tend to focus on fast foods and processed meals as a solution to save time in our hectic schedule.The Impact Of Nutrition On Your Health!

We do not get nearly enough vitamins and minerals into our bodies and this often leads to a variety of health issues. Individuals at a healthy weight, a poor diet is associated with major health dangers that can cause sickness and even death.

These are the major cause of poor nutrition impact on your health:

  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Certain types of cancer.

Unhealthy dietary patterns have added to the heaviness disease in the United States: around 33% of U.S. grown-ups (33.8%) are fat and around 17% (or 12.5 million) of kids and youths matured 2—19 years are obese.

Even for individuals at a sound weight, a horrible eating routine is related to significant health dangers that can cause ailment and even death. By settling on shrewd sustenance decisions, you can help shield yourself from these medical issues.

There are so many delicious recipes to follow and you can treat a variety of diseases, promote your healthy lifestyle and get nutrition with a glass of freshly juiced fruits and veggies.

Juice benefits

A lot of juicing benefits, including all the important vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It will help to fight infections and also protect us against health problems like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Research has shown that cherry juice can reduce gout and promote movement in all your joints.

Cranberry juice can help to prevent urinary tract infections and also reduce the possibility of kidney stones. These are just a few examples of how powerful freshly juiced fruit and veggies are. It can make a big impact on your health.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits also help to treat a lot of health problems and they are a very common choice for nutrients. Grape juice for example; contains Trans-resveratrol, which is believed to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis in patients of all ages. It can prevent heart disease.

Grapes contain antioxidants, which are located in the fruit’s pit. They contain a lot of vitamins C and E; so juicing your grapes with their seeds is a very healthy way to go.

Organic whole food vitamins

Organic whole food vitamins are exactly what they sound like. They come from all-natural ingredients, such as plants and vegetables.

The fruits and vegetables come from organically grown, without pesticides and other harmful chemicals. That’s important because those chemicals can stay on a fruit or vegetable and end up getting eaten by you.

So even when you think you are getting something “all-natural” just because you are eating or taking natural nutrients with natural ingredients, you can still end up eating harmful and poisonous compounds.



You must be thinking, is that even possible? a student who has lectures, assignments, quizzes, exams, tests, etc. Could such a student spend a healthy life?The Importance Of Good Health In Student life

Truthfully yes, it is possible! But like many other things in student life, it’s not particularly easy.

We as a student must understand that to be able to function at maximum capacity long term, we must be well in spirit, mind, and body. Health education brings together student’s information, skills, and uplifting frames of mind about health.

This healthy instruction educates about physical, mental, passionate and social wellbeing. It inspires students to improve and keep up their health, avoid ailment and reduces risks. Simply to say healthy students learn better. A major advantage is an optimum productivity.

Good health affords the opportunity of getting all the school work, assignments and project are done resulting in the best outcome because your body is working at its best and optimal state.

Other reasons for a student to be actively and positively interested in their health care:
  • Alert and focused: A healthy student has better focus and is not easily bored or distracted, their brain function more clearly.
  • Retaining memory: Good health increase learning capacity, the ability to retain and recall knowledge, such a student thinks faster.
  • Energetic: A healthy student can work with vigor for a long time and doesn’t get tired quickly.
  • Brilliant result: Students with higher energy to put in more effort and have greater success in overall tasks. They can complete extra work and achieve possessions in a given time.
  • Feeling fresh: Good health makes a student less complaining, even happier when working, enjoy when they learn, less demanding and look forward to the task ahead.

These truths apply not only to the student but in all aspects of life. I believe its high time we adopt lifestyles that promote better and more enjoyable lives.



Getting sick or very stressed during exams can challenge your efforts on these important tests. The same good habits that minimize your chances of submitting to sickness can also keep your stress levels under control.exam images

Discover why it’s important to be healthy during exams, and how to stay that way. Good health is basic for having a decent existence.

Youth can’t prevail in exams and individual life viably if they are battling with a psychological and physical health issue, for example, anxiety, depression or insecure feeling because of academic, social or family pressure.

The inability to differentiate youth’s mental health issues may bring about negative outcomes, for example, the expanded risk of academic failure, social abuse, sexual risk, medication and alcohol misuse, suicide endeavor, joblessness, and weakness.

An ongoing report says the rising paces of mental and enthusiastic issues among U.S. kids and teenagers signal health deficit for the nation. A condition of good health enables you to relax. You can adapt and review data superior to anything when you’re sick since you’re not managing diversions, for example, fever, hurts, or queasiness.

Attention to youth’s mental health will more effectively improve their life standards. This also additionally impacts their academic and personal life achievements. The families, society, and young people take advantage just when physical and mental health issues in youngsters are distinguished and prevent before.

Good physical and mental health is very important for human success.

The importance of mental health in youth, these steps can be taken:

  • Make awareness of youngsters and youth psychological health issues.
  • Give a thorough manual guide and significant youth meetings for organizations and experts.
  • Lead projects to produce mindfulness about youth’s mental health in every network.

Awareness about the importance of psychological health issues among youth also essential to other physical issues, such as:

  • Heart disease.
  • AIDS.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cancer etc.

Local and state health officials must draw more attention to the importance of the health treatment of affected children and youths.



Exercise is one of the major factors in controlling your health.Good Health importance

Along with a healthy diet, daily exercise can dramatically improve your body with stronger muscles, weight loss, and better metabolism.

Building muscles will, in general, play a part in your diet. Exercise will likely result in a boost in metabolism. Metabolism is the ability to lose weight and maintain a slim body, and more exercise means you can lose weight faster and easier than an inactive and healthy lifestyle ever could.

Exercise will also affect the number of calories burned. Be sure to use a sort of calorie tracker when exercising to record how well you are keeping off extra calories.

Exercise or physical activity can improve your health and reduce the risk of multiple diseases like:

  • Diabetes.
  • Heart disease.
  • Mental illness.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Anxiety and depression.

Physical activity and exercise give us immediate and long-term health benefits. Honestly, regular activity can improve your quality of life. Exercise is not as straightforward as taking a walk around the block.

First, is to start with warm-up activities. Spend roughly 8-15 minutes of your workout time doing low-stress activities, like stretching your muscles and minimal exercise. It will prevent the risk of injury, and at the same time, it will boost your performance.

Warming up also circulates blood through the muscles before exercising.

If you have a busy schedule, there are some alternatives to dedicating your time to a regular workout. Some basic home-based activities, such as cleaning, gardening, and traveling, may help you lose weight, build muscles, and improve your health.

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One of the simplest ways of exercising is walking to a destination instead of driving there. Also, try lifting and carrying bagged groceries rather than placing them on a shopping cart.

These small activates will greatly affect muscle development and stamina. As we can see, exercise is a lot more complicated than it seems. However, the importance of exercise has several health benefits, making it worth the time and effort to do it. With regular exercise, you can boost your health, and you will stay active and maintain fitness for almost your entire life.



Water is one of the most immediate needs for any living being.

*But the modern world has proven a mixed blessing. We can’t be sure of what’s in our water supply.*

drink more water to stay healthy

We human beings are composed of over 70 % water. As such water is the principal component our body needs for survival.

Our whole body system depends on water to:

  • Hydrate the body.
  • Flush toxins.
  • Balance our system.
  • Carry nutrients into our cells.
  • Provide a moist environment in our tissues- muscles, throat, eyes, ears, etc.

What Is The Problem In The Water We Drink?

Currently, there are 260 contaminates found in the nation’s tap water, more than half of those have no safety standards. Nationwide compilation of tap water testing results shows widespread contamination of drinking water with scores of contaminates for which there are no enforceable health standards.

These include but are not limited to Uranium, Cyanide, Lead, Chlorine, Arsenic, and Pharmaceuticals. According to government and industry estimates, approximately ¼ of bottled water is just bottled tap water.

About 1/3 of bottled water tested contained industrial or manufacturing chemicals such as toluene and xylene. Bottled water can be 10,000 times more expensive than tap water but often no healthier.

How do you protect your health from contaminated water?

Take control of your water quality by filtering contaminants out of your water.

The obvious answer is water filtration. However, water filtration systems, no matter how good the advertising is, are not created equal.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water remove important minerals and nutrients from the water resulting in acidic water, which is bad for our body and health. Acidity in the body contributes to aggravates inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and lupus.

Other systems are incomplete and often don’t remove much at all. As an informed consumer you need to be looking for a filtration system that provides you with healthy water that hydrates your body, is safe for the environment, and is affordable.



Good health is a gift you give yourself today and in the future. So go ahead, lose that weight, eat healthier, get some exercise and start living and life you are meant to live.

Countries that have legalized abortion need to ensure that people who choose to go through it are safe and protected. Good health will rise to a generation that is ready to take on the world, this is one of the importance of good health.

Diseases have a way of making the future look very risky. For example, the spread of the AIDS virus has dealt a huge blow to this generation. Proper care is beginning to be felt in many corners of the world especially areas where it is common.

Therefore, make sure that no matter whether you are an individual or a group, you prioritize health. Investing in a healthy lifestyle is investing in life.

If you want to be healthy, if you want to feel good, if you want to live a long and energetic life, you can. All you have to do is a little searching and get away from inorganic routine and health fewer foods.


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